How to Get Spotify Premium Free | Spotify Premium Apk 2019

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Hey guys in the following tutorial I’ll be showing you how to get Spotify premium completely for free on both Android and iOS devices. You will not need to route or jailbreak your phone to get Spotify premium and this takes only a few minutes.

So far this is the only working method to get Spotify premium and let me show you right now that this is indeed a free account it is not premium and I’ll show you how I turn it into a premium account right now.

So all you have to do is use your smart phone open up your browser and go to So is the website okay and once you’re here guys all you have to do is type in your email address make sure it is the correct address otherwise it won’t work.

So let me type in mine real quick okay and now press get premium for free it has already started connecting to the Spotify database finding the email and injecting the premium into our Spotify Premium app now. Let’s press this button right here okay and it will bring us to this web page your IP looks suspicious a verification is required follow the instructions for two different apps and after that Spotify Premium will be in automatically unlocked.

How To Use Spotify

From what I understand guys this is required to prevent any BOTS from abusing the site and selling the premium on the Internet.

The premium account so let’s keep it free by following the instructions for two different apps below and you can choose any two apps from the list. I’ll fast forward this part as it might take a while okay guys so the apps have finished downloading I opened up the first one then made here.

It’s not really necessary but you can also create an account just type in an email address and a password make sure that it matches and the main point is to use the app for at least 30 seconds as the instructions stated to get our premium account the apps are also free and they are from the App Store so they are a hundred percent safe let’s see.

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Let me open up the second app Cyberghost VPN here just use the app for at least 30 seconds guys this is a hundred percent worth it so just be patient and follow the instructions for each app and by the end you will get Spotify premium right .now

I’ll keep this app open for ten more seconds and then I’ll go ahead and check my Spotify account to see if it became premium okay that should be enough. You can also delete the apps after this, so let me open up my app let me check my account and yes as you can see guys right there the account became Premium.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to share this article with others.

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