Spotify vs Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Amazon

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If you’re a Spotify user and you’re not a fan of the changes don’t worry I’ve been testing out quite a few other music streaming services in 2019 and there is some really strong competition out there if you want to hurl yourself off of the good ship ‘Spotify’. So here’s my full comparison between the top dog for music streaming and some of its biggest rivals in 2019.

So just a week ago Spotify pan out a fresh update that royally miffed a lot of its users, this wiped out some key features such as your recent play history. In order to really boost the standard of podcasts and also culled some key features such as the ability to remove any tracks from albums that you’ve saved that you don’t want to listen to. You can watch the video at the end of this article for clearer understanding.

Spotify Music vs Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music 2019

Apple music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube music and Deezer. To see which one might be best for you and from one of the latest greatest tech please do bug subscribe and email notifications bell Cheers. So first up cost all five of our competitors here offer a premium account subscription which gives you unlimited ad-free streaming song downloading and all of those features unlocked and with all five of these services.

This will cost you a tenner a month, however any Amazon Prime subscribers out there will get a discount on Amazon music unlimited. So custom just eight quid a month instead of the full ten pounds definitely a strong incentive to jump on board the Music Unlimited service. If you’re already thrown a chunk of change at the retail giant because just a complicate matters you will occasionally find discounts on some of these services.

If you’re willing to commit to a full year subscription upfront instead of paying monthly so you can usually get for instance twelve months for the cost of ten all of these services also offer a student discounts you clever clogs scroungers only need to stump up a fiver each month.

Half the amount of us hardwork and mugs and you can save even more by grabbing a family plan on all five of these services – which gives you six individual accounts for just fifteen quid a month borginnis and don’t worry if you’re still undecided on which services is best for you at the end of this article because you can try out all five of these premium subscription services without spunky outlaws of cash.

Spotify for instance is currently offering three months of premium service for just 99 to try it out while Apple doesn’t. Amazon will let you have a go for a full month at no cost at all but YouTube music is definitely the generous uncle of the bunch. Seven of three full months on that premium plan for bugger all cash or if you’re a proper tight-ass you can actually use Spotify, Deezer and YouTube music for free. But you will have to put up with adverts interrupting your stream and pretty often and there is no song download option for offline use of course one of the key features for any music streaming services.

How good is the actual song selection? well all five of these services definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to the catalog. Spotify doesn’t actually say how many songs that it has on its service but estimates vary it’s likely around the 45 to 50 million mark.

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So far I’ve really struggled to find any missing albums there especially ones that you’ll find instead on other services. YouTube music doesn’t say it either although occasionally I do find some little gaps in the album offerings when diving into some, shall we say less mainstream genres meanwhile Amazon, Apple boasts that they have over 50 million tracks in total, that’s pretty comprehensive as far as the catalogue goes. If a song ain’t there it’s probably incredibly niche and yes thankfully all 5 of these services also allow you to download music for offline enjoyment which is a great news if you’re going off on a big trip or you don’t have a massive data plan.

These services also offer a selection of podcasts and comedy shows that you can stream or download at your will although the selection is a lot more limited on YouTube music compared with the others here. Some services like these are also offered direct access to the app to digital radio stations while apple of course has the exclusive beats one station with a strong focus on popular music like hip hop and R&B. So that’s the cost and the library side of things covered now let’s dive into each individual music streaming service and see what their advantages and their disadvantages are.

Spotify is most definitely the king of discovery, every service here has basic features like related artists so you can find other music we might be into but Spotify definitely goes a couple of steps further for instance you have a discover weekly playlist created for you automatically based on your listening habits while the release radar clued you in into any new singles and albums from bands that you really dig.

However the most recent spotify update has killed some key functionality such as browsing your recently played music and you can no longer remove tracks you don’t to listen to from your saved albums. Also, disliking them merely takes them off your lights playlist which is a clunky horrible thing indeed. Look now, poor music is also pretty good on the discovery side of things but only really if your mates use the service as well and they’re into the same kind of tunes as you are, is quite a social setup software it’s as if you’re all about the pirate metal and they got hot and sweaty over a bit of Ed Sheeran.

Then gonna work so well and you might also want to think about getting some new friends but my experience Apple’s Android app can also be a bit shonky at times. I’ll stick with this one if you’re an iPhone wielder, now on to YouTube music which is definitely the champion of music video as well as live sets you’ll find absolutely tons of live performance recordings on YouTube as well as straight-up music videos and you can choose to just listen to the audio from these if you want as well which is a bloody brilliant feature.

Unfortunately YouTube music does lack a lot of those killer tools that you will find on Spotify such as the discovery side of things and also feels a little bit raw here and which is unsurprising as it is the youngest service here. Buy quite somewhere these are on the other hand it is a particularly strong choice for proper audio aficionados upgrading to Deezer’s hi-fi plan allows you to stream lossless FLAC format files to your Google cast or assistant compatible devices. However this super premium subscription will cost you twice as much as the standard premium wants a 20 quid instead of 10

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Spotify in the other services here offer music streaming around the 256 to 320 kilobytes per second area while DZ’s flat tracks stream at a whopping 1411 kilobytes per second which of course means far greater detail compared with its rivals of course this is all these compatible devices and with usual premium subscription the audio quality is definitely comparable to the competition like Spotify. Deezer is good for discovery 2 you get a strong selection of playlists covering more genres and the colorful app offers up smart recommendations for new music.

You might like based on your less-than habits you can even download an automatically constructed flow compilation which is a mix of randomly saved tracks and similar bits that you haven’t played before definitely a very cool feature that works really well. I’ve got to say that of Spotify for rivals here Deezer is probably my next favorite.

Amazon Music Unlimited unfortunate doesn’t really offer any tangible benefits over the opposition here apart from obviously the discount for Prime subscribers and the fact that you’ve got built-in alexa support. As well which can save you a little bit of time when you’re searching for a particular album or song but honestly who’s really using Alexa on their smart phone.

Numbers on service pages lack the detail and smart layout of rivals like Spotify while the discovery elements aren’t quite as strong either. Although you do get an excellent selection of playlists, the interface occasionally isn’t quite as intuitive as I’d like either but these little aside I’m some usik on them. It does have all of the features that you’d hope for and it definitely does do the job for music fans.

It’s just not as strong as some of its rivals now while I’ve concentrated on the mobile sides of things for this music stream. In comparison all five of these services also offer up the likes of in browser stream and desktop solutions and also apps for likes of Smart TVs and games consoles.

As well, you can go to the individual websites and check out exactly what support they each offer and all right there is my full comparison between Spotify and some of its biggest music streaming rivals right now are you using one particular service we attempted to jump ship let us know your thoughts down below and also if there’s one that I missed out so far is this like some Google play music because I haven’t actually personally used it enough to review it but definitely again let us know down below what your own favorite alternative is. I’ve heard good things about likes of title for instance which is again supposed to be really good for your high quality streaming.


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